What is the truth? Addressing misconceptions.

Suicide is selfish. 

The suicidal person feels that this is the only option left for them. They are considering others in their lives by suiciding and feel it is the best solution for everyone involved.

Suicide is weak. 

Only the strong can make a decision to suicide and carry it through.

Suicide is an easy option T/F

The options left to the suicidal person are limited. This is not an easy option, but the ONLY option.

Only people who have mental issues suicide

Suicide can be brought on by environmental and social conditions: loss of job, money, status, bullying etc. Mental issues are not necessary to have suicidal ideation. Anyone can get to the point of considering suicide.

Suicide should not be mentioned in a normal conversation

Suicide needs to be discussed. The stigma surrounding suicide needs to diminish. Suicide is not a dirty word. By having discussions about suicide, the suicidal person can then open up or realise that they are ‘normal’ but just need help. You can prevent a suicide by talking about suicide.

There is something wrong with the parents if their child suicides

Yes, they are suffering. They want you to talk about their deceased child and talk about them as a normal person who is missed.

Self-harm indicates the person is on their way to suicide.

Self-harm and suicide are two different ways of coping. Self-harm is not the road to suicide, but may be a cry of psychological pain or a cry for help.

There is no hope for a suicidal person.

There is every hope for a suicidal person. They are not thinking clearly. We need to step in to help them, be with them and comfort them.

I don’t want to talk to someone who wants to discuss suicide.

Why? Have a think about it. By you discussing the subject, you could be preventing a suicide occurring.

People don’t want to discuss the topic of suicide years after a funeral of their relative.

Yes they do. They understand the stigmas that surround suicides. They have a life term sentence of facing stigmas. Help them and be okay with talking about the one that has gone.

You can tell who is suicidal.

No you can’t. It could be anyone. It could be a person who indicates that life is good and they feel at peace. When a person has suicide ideations and plans, they often feel a peace because they finally have a solution.

Crazy people suicide.

Anyone can choose to suicide.

If a person wants to die, then let them.

If a person is having suicidal ideations, then they need help. They are not thinking correctly at this point in their life. Speak to someone who has tried to suicide and ask them if they are glad they did not succeed.

Suicidal people don’t ask for help.

It is common before a person attempts a suicide, that they see their GP in the hope of help. If you discuss the subject more, then maybe the person will come to you first for help.